Magnificent Math

Ms. Hardy and I teach all academic subjects to our students, but like everything else in life we have our favorite things to teach too. I prefer to teach math, science and social studies. When we co-teach, I usually create and lead the math activities and she leads the language activities. 

March 18, 2013

Tonight the students were learning about math strategies. We brainstormed many different types of math strategies that could help us when working on any type of math word problems. The one strategy we focused on was the 4 step process for the completion of a word problem. Ask your child about the 4 BIG steps. Step 1 Think about the QUESTION?? Step 2 Find the DETAILS *The Numbers* Step 3 Think about the STRATEGY (add, subtract, multiply, divide) Step 4 Find the ANSWER. We practiced the four steps together acting each one out. We then practiced our multiplication tables DISCO STYLE! The students loved it! Check out the video below!

Written By: Ms. Hardy



  1. i love mix match share i love that when you don't know something your partner tells if you dont know.

    4th grade

  2. I like disco math. 3rd grade Student

  3. I like making raps about what are learning, 4th grade student

  4. i like when we do dobles in multiplication it fun when we do it together as a team fourth grade student

  5. My child was having some issues with Math but since she has been in the after school program with Ms.Hardy and Ms.Jacobs her grade went from a C to a B. I was so proud of her. I really think this is a great program and it was really needed each child learns differently and the extra help goes a long way. Thank You to Ms.Hardy and Ms.Jacobs for all you do.